Engage Dashboard

See how your visitors engage with your estate

The Robotica Engage dashboard is a sophisticated machine learning platform that helps you to see how your visitors engage with your estate, learn how they spend their time and profile their activities so that you can magnify their experience. It silently makes a note of who interacts, looks at your notices, videos and promotions and automated services, without collecting any personally identifiable information (PII) or installing an app, preserving their confidentiality and ensuring frictionless access to the information you wish to present to them. We help you understand your visitors: where they are when they engage with you, how long they spend on each information asset, even which languages they speak!

Because all of the data is passive and consequential, and not gathered through questionnaires, it is robust and can be trusted as being without survey bias. Equipped with rich insights, you can improve and tailor visitor experiences, increase customer loyalty and customer spend and grow your business.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights come from analytical understanding of visitor interactions which are used to reveal direct changes you can make to more closely align your services to their requirements.

Unlike surveys and questionnaires, which rely on self-reporting, Engage insights are drawn from real behaviours: questions people ask of Cassie, and how they ask those questions, uncover the actual expectations and difficulties faced by visitors to your venues.

Engage insights are macroscopic and microscopic.  They expose the trends – however subtle – and they also report the detail.  They can show not only the rise and fall of, for example, Portuguese language use over time or the frequency with which visitors ask where they can buy coffee, but also that those asking questions in Portuguese are asking about coffee more frequently on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

You may already hold a good understanding visitor demographics, when they visit, and what they do when they are there.  Engage will deepen this into comprehension of precisely what assistance is being sought, and the correlations between activities of individuals.

Armed with rich, actionable insights, you can lower costs and improve your value proposition, leading to increased revenue and profitability.