Cassie Agent

Multi-lingual digital assistant

Cassie Agent is a multi-lingual digital assistant.

Distributed throughout your venue as large touch-screen stations, Cassie is a life-sized digital customer agent.  She converses in natural languages, listening and replying as speech, text and sign languages.

Who is Cassie?

Cassie was born to help.  Her first job was to listen on behalf of deaf children and turn spoken words into visual sign languages, such as Cued Speech and British Sign Language.  As she grew a little older, she discovered a love of language and worked as an interpreter at airports and hospitals.  But what Cassie really enjoys is helping people.  With encyclopaedic knowledge and the will to serve, Cassie will tirelessly support your customers.

What can Cassie do for my customers?

  • Cassie speaks more than 20 languages, including Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and British Sign Language

  • Cassie knows all your FAQs and more

  • Cassie answers dynamic questions including store stock levels and flight times

  • Cassie can reserve items in store or make bookings

Why do we need Cassie?

  • Cassie is a revolutionary customer engagement platform

  • Elevate the vibrancy of your venue

  • Cassie turns heads and captures attention

  • Cassie remembers all of her conversations and summarises what is important into actionable metrics on your private engagement dashboard

  • Engagement metrics help you to understand your visitors and customers so that you may focus your value proposition, increasing loyalty, revenue and profitability

  • Customers do not need to seek out a member of staff for assistance, reducing frustration for them and lowering staffing costs for you

  • Cassie can act instantly to make reservations, bookings and other purchases, enabling customers to buy before they have second thoughts

  • Cassie is the inviting, frictionless way to serve your customers

  • She never goes to sleep, gets sick or takes a break. 

Why do we need Cassie?

    • Cassie stations can be branded to fit in with your venue

    • Cassie takes a transformational approach to visitor engagement

    • Cassie stations offer an additional platform for your advertisements, promotions and any text, image and video content you wish to present

    • Cassie increases participation compared to other engagement or promotional channels

    • Cassie is accessible: she invites interaction with all people, including those with disabilities, including deaf, hard of hearing and visually impaired, and those who prefer not to rely on English language reading skills

    • Cassie conversations are turned into visitor insights

    • Cassie’s actionable insights support your visitor conversion – turning more into customers

"Cassie helps us to reach out and support more passengers and offers inclusion to people with special travel requirements."
Aaron Frost
PRM Services Lead
Norwich Airport

Audience Development and Community Engagement

  • Maintain and increase visitor numbers by serving the best, most appropriate version of your message for each customer demographic

  • Lower customer service costs from scalable Cassie stations

  • Better understanding of customers by taking action on Cassie’s observed insights

  • Greater engagement and understanding of your value proposition for your visitors

  • Helps shape your service offering leading to increased revenue

  • Welcoming, draws people in and captivates their attention

  • Take a tech lead, Cassie is a publicity magnet

  • Supports and complements your diversity and inclusion efforts

Understand customer engagement like never before

  • In-depth insights
  • Objective, quantifiable
  • Every interaction and conversation is remembered and analysed
  • Reveal the “big picture”
  • AI pattern recognition spots subtle trends that would otherwise go unnoticed

With current, rich insights at your fingertips, you will be fully informed to make important decisions about expansion and change.