Media & Broadcast

Digital Human Interpreters performing sign language translations for the broadcast and entertainment industries.

Digital Human Sign Language Translation

We offer accurate broadcast-quality, in-vision Sign Language translation for pre-recorded video content. Digital Human Interpreters extend the capability of signed programming beyond documentaries and news into premium dramas, movies, and even radio.

Extend the reach of your content – content that would not be feasible to offer in British Sign Language using traditional methods.

Our avatar-based sign language interpretation service is powered by Robotica’s AVComprehend platform and Cassie virtual translator.

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Digital Human Cued Speech Transliteration

We provide accurate broadcast-quality in-vision cued speech transliteration services for television, film, DVDs, Corporate media, training and educational materials, conference calls and websites, for live and pre-recorded video content.

Our cued speech transliteration service is powered by our AVComprehend platform and our Cassie virtual transliterator.

On-demand Cued Speech cueing, captioning and lip-speaking provides instant transliterations, offering Deaf accessibility for live and pre-recorded programming.

Accessible Radio

We can make radio accessible for deaf people through Cassie.

We provide live Cued Speech transliteration driven from either captions or from an audio feed.

We provide Sign-Language interpretation for pre-recorded radio shows. This can either be for recorded shows as they are broadcast, or a Sign Language interpretation of a previously-live show on a catch-up service.


Our Media & Broadcast customers include: