Events & Venues

Engaging visitors, discovering actionable insights.

Cassie Gazette conveys your messages digitally.

QR codes placed next to exhibits and signs, or as an alternative to leaflets and notices, present your message to visitors on their own smartphones. Robotica’s Engagement Platform automatically detects their preferred language and shows your content in a way suitable to maximise consumption: screen-readable, with scalable, high-contrast text and optional sign language video.

Being app-less and without cookies getting in the way, the user experience is truly frictionless: no downloads, and no pop-ups.

Robotica’s unique ID technology records a “close enough” temporal fingerprint, providing just enough to track customer journeys within context, but not enough to impinge privacy. Gathered data is presented in the Managers’ Dashboard, offering actionable insights to validate and focus your value proposition.

Cassie Agent is a life-sized, multi-lingual digital customer agent.

Distributed throughout your venue as large touch-screen stations, Cassie converses in natural languages, listening and replying as speech, text and sign languages.