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Cued Speech

helps deaf people see what you are saying

Cued Speech helps deaf people see what you are saying.

It is a way of representing voiced sounds visually. It supplements lip-reading such that words which appear to be identical or similar on the lips can be easily recognised and differentiated. For example, Red and Green may be impossible to lip-read without confusion.

Just eight hand shapes are sufficient, when combined with four different locations around the face to place the hand, to allow a Cued Speaker to unambiguously articulate all words. Either left or right hand can be used to perform cueing.

Taking speech or writing and turning it into Cued Speech is referred to as transliteration, not translation. The signs represent only the sounds made by the speaker, unlike British Sign Language where signs represent the meaning.

Cued Speech is international and is applied to the speakers’ preferred spoken language, whether that be English or Estonian, French or Farsi. It even retains and conveys the speakers’ accents.

“Because there’s no new language to learn – just a simple system –
we could use Cued Speech straight away and say anything”

Being app-less and without cookies getting in the way, the user experience is truly frictionless: no downloads, and no pop-ups.

Robotica’s unique ID technology records a “close enough” temporal fingerprint, providing just enough to track customer journeys within context, but not enough to impinge privacy. Gathered data is presented in the Managers’ Dashboard, offering actionable insights to validate and focus your value proposition.

Robotica has a long-standing partnership with the Cued Speech UK charity (external link) to deliver digital communications assistants to facilitate effective communication between speaking and non-hearing people in the workplace, in education settings and at home. Cued Speech UK also provides Robotica with significant consultancy services including subject matter expertise, marketing & market research, focus groups and analysis.

Robotica products with Cued Speech signing include:

Cued Speech, enabled by Cassie, improves literacy in deaf and hearing people, and people with learning disabilities. Cassie on phones/computers and as virtual attendees in conference calls facilitates inclusivity, productivity, opportunity. Our technologies reduce the need for support workers and help to close the earnings gap between deaf and hearing people. These technologies are helping to extend conventional education to deaf children so fewer fall behind or need significant classroom support, aiding career prospects.

Cassie listens as people speak and repeats it back clearly, in a neutral accent. Her words are echoed as on-screen captions, realistic mouth shapes for lip-readers and as Cued Speech signs.

The artificial intelligence technology that powers Cassie, invented by Robotica, is being used throughout society to extend written and spoken language to deaf people as visual communication. She signs television programming, interprets in video conferencing calls and helps hard-of-hearing children in schools gain access to full, mainstream education.

Cued Speech is accurately performed, in real-time, by Cassie and AVComprehend, and is deployed into real-world environments. As a fully automated system, new markets can be explored rapidly as only the connectivity needs to be created for each experiment.

The solution is highly scalable, with AVComprehend running in the cloud and Cassie requiring only minimal computing power on users’ device. Even low-range smartphones and tablets competently perform Cued Speech on demand.

We have also co-developed the uCue educational game to teach Cued Speech signing with Cued Speech UK.