Cassie Gazette for Zoos

Learn From Your Visitors, Optimise Your Zoo

Cassie Gazette deepens and measures engagement of all visitors, across multiple dimensions, and provides actionable insights to support your zoo in optimising customer experience, increasing repeat custom, and improving efficiency, sustainability and inclusivity.

Each time a guest snaps a QR code, we record a few key data facts for you.  This includes not just which sign has been of interest, but also for how long each visitor reads it, in what language, what else each individual has taken an interest in and when.  You can build up a complete story of how people are enjoying their visits and use these actionable insights to optimise the experience for future guest.  Do customer prefer cockatoos to your meerkats?  Perhaps cockatoo toys would sell well in the gift shop.

Find out how long people spend engaging with each exhibit, and what draws them back again.  Cassie Gazette delivers actionable insights to help you optimise the visitor experience, with sources that can be trusted: quantitative data collected passively, not survey answers from self-selected visitor samples.

What is Cassie Gazette?

Cassie Gazette is a technology to deliver your engaging content to visitors from QR codes, supported by translations into British Sign Language and foreign languages.

A QR code is a convenient way to bring users to a web page, without typing the address.  Everything that can be offered over the web can be made available by scanning a QR code: words, videos, social media, games and more.

Cassie Gazette takes the idea and adds engagement analytics. 

Videos, Audio, Words and Social Media Offer a Gripping Experience

Information signs support visitor learning and fortify enjoyment. Static information signs are a good, but limited way to invite visitors to understand attractions.  Many people do not enjoy reading, preferring to listen or watch  videos. Some struggle to read English.

You can do much more with Cassie Gazette:

  • Newsletter, VIP experiences and animal adoption forms.
  • Social media templates to encourage visitors to share their experience – automatically tagging your zoo and the animal or attraction.
  • Share customer-generated social content directly and immediately.
  • Up-sell with exhibit-specific promotions at precisely the time customers are most interested.
  • Translations and versions for different
    reading ages.
  • More detail, more depth.
  • Videos and sound.

Is that all?

There are many benefits that Cassie Gazette brings to zoos and zoo visitors.

  • Inclusion and equality of access is extended to Sign Language users and non-English speakers.
  • Increasing depth of engagement, contributing towards positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. It bolsters sales in zoo gift shops.
  • Convenient sharing of visitor-generated pictures and videos on social media channels, tagging the zoo and animal, removes friction and promotes your venue to your customers’ friends and family.
  • Enhanced and prolonged rich-media engagement from all visitors creates happy memories and repeat visits.
  • Newsletter sign-up, VIP experience and animal adoption forms are presented to visitors at the optimal opportunity – when they are already interested and learning more about an animal.
  • Targeted cross-selling and up-selling promotions can be presented.
  • Key facts about visitor engagement are anonymously recorded, analysed and transformed into actionable insights, objectively and quantitatively determining individual and group patterns of visitor behaviour.

PR Wins for your Zoo

Early adopters stand to win big publicity opportunities.  Cassie Gazette helps you deliver across three important domains:

  1. Disability and accessibility.  Tell the world how you are working to bring joy to all of your visitors.
  2. Global inclusion.  Attract visitors from abroad – and good-will everywhere – with press releases showing your support of international customers with digital signs in their languages.
  3. Environmental awareness and sustainability.  Extend your Green policy by replacing printed, plastic signs with Cassie Gazette – saving trees every time you change or add information.