About Robotica Machine Learning

Our AI solutions tackle the inequalities faced by deaf and partially hearing people by positively impacting the means to access to spoken and written language.

By measurably transforming people’s ability to understand and be understood, our work promotes inclusivity, social mobility and quality of life.

We are based out of Norwich in the heart of Norfolk, UK.

Smart Tech, Familiar Face

When a technology is truly transformational, it becomes part of every day life. Mainstream adoption of the internet since the 1990s has changed the way we work, socialise and even attention spans and how we think! Android and iPhones are ever-present, with Google and Wikipedia poised to tell us anything we might need to know. In the last fifteen years, touch screen interfaces on phones and tablets have become the default way to interact with websites and apps. McDonald’s restaurants invite patrons to place their order and pay on what is, essential, a giant iPad. Voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, are showing us the way to a more natural, conversational, easy way of commanding computers.

Cassie builds on the growth of these popular advances, harnessing the familiarity of touch screens and voice control with a friendly, life-sized digital human offering the most efficient, comfortable and accessible user experience currently available. To the end user, she is a new convenience – a seamless bridge between virtual and geographical presences. As an Internet of Things (IoT) device, she holds her expanding knowledge in the cloud, from where she offers actionable insights to her employers, wherever they are in the world, via Engagement Dashboards and Reports.

Cassie is future-proof. Her physical presence, as Cassie Agents, lives at your venue. Her wisdom and algorithms are held in cloud computing, ensuring your ambitions will never be held back by her ability to scale .


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